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Original Blends Styling Gel Review

As a mommy of girls, their hair is important for me as it is for my four year old. Especially since I get the occasional "Mommy today I want to look like Elsa or any other Disney Princess." Yes I'm her personal hairstylist with no tip included lol.
I'm always on the hunt for hair products that I can use on my curly haired girl. From detanglers, anti-frizz, curl enhancer and gel. We've been trying out a new hair gel by Original Blends Styling Gel(Disclosure, all products provided by Original Styling Gel. All my opinions are mine and I'm keeping it 100%.)
This styling gel was created by Jacky who is a natural brand evangelist. Her formula is made with flaxseed and soy protein, it provides shine and holds up any type of hairstyle. It doesn’t leave a flaky residue nor it contains alcohol which can dry out hair which then causes breakage. Best of all NO harsh chemicals, which is awesome because I'm very particular about what I apply to my daughter's hair.
Another thing I absolutely loved about Original Blends Styling Gel is the way it smells, so fresh and citrus like!
They offer various sizes at affordable prices from a pocket size gel at $4, pump style 17.25oz $17, 11 oz Jar $12 and 18oz at $22 (Now on SALE for $15!) The 18oz jar is a great size if everyone in the family uses hair gel or if everyone likes to get their hair did! Because let me tell you, we go through styling gel like there's no tomorrow.
Now we put it to the test on both my daughter and myself. From mom life you know how that is, chasing littles, running a household plus errands. To a bouncing off the wall, I can't stay still for a hot minute fournager. I'm giving Original Blends Syling Gel an A+ because it held strong and there were no bad hair days here!

I styled her hair in the classic Unicorn as she says (AKA Ponytail) to a more intricate side braid and both styles held up strong.

As for me I styled it in a sleek braided bun, because now a day's I can't have my hair down otherwise my 7 month old loves to pull it. I really liked how sleek and manageable the gel was to work with.
Now that you know about Original Blends Styling Gel you can get your own jar at a discount price! Their 18oz jar is currently on sale for $15 that's gel for day's if you ask me! Hope this review has been helpful for you if you've been wanting a gel with natural ingredients for your children or everyone in your family.


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  1. this sounds like a good product to use for my daughter (she loves to style her hair and i , not so much!:)) (vidya tiru)

  2. I love citrus smelling beauty products. I've never found a gel that holds without looking like straw so I am definitely going to check this out!

  3. that looks like a great gel! I have so many fly aways so does my daughter!

  4. I wonder if this gel works on afro hair texture..... Youre hairstyles came out so cute! love it


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