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The Heart of Fashion

Oh how the years flown by. It was the year 2009, when I got a taste of a runway show. The Mahnah club was hosting the Heart of Fashion runway show, which was a fundraising event. They collaborated with Phoenix college fashion students for a special project. I happen to be a fashion student at the time, and got the opportunity to participate. It felt like a project runway moment because we where given a small budget to buy clothes from thrift store and the catch was to re-fashion them. At the time I was out of town and couldn't go shopping with my fellow classmates, so a good friend of mine chose my articles of clothing. When I returned from my trip, I was nervous to see what she had picked out for me. What I saw was a scary prom dress which was a purple taffeta with velvet flower prints all over. Along with an old school two piece suit in purple with a hint of pink as accent on the jacket. I have to admit I was worried but at the same time pleased with the color purple.