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Color Your World

     Have you ever found yourself wearing black or neutral colors most often? Well it's time to COLOR your world!!! Step outside your comfort zone; add a little color to your life. Be daring by wearing a color you never wore. You will never know how green or orange will look on you if you never try. Colors always seem to liven you up and bring your mood up!! So next time you go shopping try different colors

Basics 101

Ever had moments in which you felt like you had absolutely nothing to wear, like you needed to go shopping. Sometimes we need to be reminded about “The Basics.” What I am talking about is things that are a MUST in you closet. Basics can be dressed down or dressed up with a few accessories. Seven items to have in your closet are: Basic Tanks T-shirt White button down shirt Cardigan Dark blue jeans Black Slack The little Black Dress You can work these 7 basic essentials for every occasion, such as a casual outing, a date, or an interview. So remember these 7 basics are the fundamentals to your wardrobe. Fashion trends will always come and go but the Basics are here to stay!

About Me

Hello everyone, So the other day, I realized that I haven’t properly introduced myself here at the blog. My name is Paulette. Always being interested in art, I would entertain myself by illustrating, drawing, and writing my own comics. I loved the idea of creating things out of nothing, at times being resourceful was my only option, possibilities can be endless when you have a Big imagination! And lets not forget the old saying, ‘Necessity is the mother of inventions.” But sewing, now that, that was in my heart, you can say that sewing was in my blood, both my mother and grandmother were seamstress for many years. I remember sitting beside them wanting to learn their techniques and bugging them to let me have a go at it. I still remember how as a young child I would design my Barbie clothes from scraps of old clothing, and old socks. When I became a teen I wanted to be unique and trendy, therefore I began to modify my t-shirts and I would refashion my clothing. After graduating