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Julep July's Beauty Box Review

Hello ladies if you followed my IG @Lollipop_Couture then you are aware that I finally uploaded my first unboxing video, I'll link it below! I unboxed my first Julep Beauty Box! If you aren't familiar with Julep it is a beauty brand found at Ulta, QVC, abd Amazon. They offer their own beauty box for $24.99, keep on reading for two special coupons for FREE Julep products! When you subscribe they offer three categories nail care, makeup/skincare, and mix of both. I decided to go with the mix option. You get three full size products each month and if you log in between the 20-24th you can customize your box.  They bring out a new collection each month so there's plenty to choose from. You can also choose add ons at discounted prices. Best feature of all is you get to decide to gift to your bestie a beauty box or skip that month's box. I was pretty excited when I received my first Julep  beauty box. I actually customized my box so I knew exactly what I was getting. I

Allure x Kat Von D June Beauty Box Review + $5 Coupon

If you're a fan of Kat Von D and her beauty line then you're going to love June's Allure Beauty Box. I've been eyeing Allure Beauty Box for some time, and decided to give it a try once I found out that Kat Von D would be taking over June's beauty box. I've tried her latest brow pomade (full review here ) and Saint perfume (full review here ), so you know this momma wasn't going to pass up on this beauty box. If you aren't familiar with Allure Beauty box it is a $15 dollar subscription the editors curate the box with their hottest and trendiest beauty and skincare products. Usually the box comes with five mix delux or full size products. However if you have never been an Allure subscriber then they discount $5 off your first month and give you a special gift for joining their glam squad. This month it was the Allure x Kat Von D beauty box. It included four of Kat's favorite products from her beauty line; Everlasting line lip liner, Studded Kiss