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Boxy Charm / October Beauty Box

October's Boxy Charm has me signing to these  lyrics "I put a spell on you Because you're mine Stop the things you tell Watch out, I ain't lyin" This box theme is also Spellbound, hmm I'm getting Déjà vu with IPSY's glam bag. Let's get started with the unboxing!!  I'm excited to share all the cool treats I got, on this m onths Boxy! My five Full-sized products were the poredermabrasion, highlighter, liquid lipstick, lip liner, and pencil eyeshadow! I'll give you more info on each product as well as my review below.  ( Disclaimer: this review is NOT sponsored by Boxy Charm, I bought this with my own money, all opinions are mine. I'm sharing because "Sharing is Caring.") Dr. Brandt Poredermabrasion: Retail Price $58 It is a pore-perfecting technology at your fingertips, with a professional-grade micro-crystal solution, that instantly deep cleans and refines pores! Who doesn't love small porse!  BECCA Sh

IPSY/ October Glam Bag

October is officially here, it's all about the fall festivities and of course Halloween!! As you'll know new month new IPSY Glam bag!!! This months glam bag theme is Spellbound. The bag itself was paired up with two trends crimson and lace. I'm definitely feeling the Vampy vibes with this glam bag! The zipper handel is a cute little bat. (How cute is the bat zipper) So now on to the good stuff right! My five trick-or-treats were glide-on eye pencil, nail lacquer, 4-in-1 mascara, oil hair treatment, and the lasting finish lipstick. I'll be telling you more about each item as well as reviewing it below.  (Disclaimer: This review was not Sponsored by IPSY I paid for my glam bag and all opinions are mine) 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Perversion by Urban Decay: This pencil really does last 24/7. It glides on like butter. Meaning that crisp lines, graphic looks, even a cat eye is actually easy. The inky black shade blends like a dream, so you can really smoke

Bump Boxes/Third Trimester

Happy Bump Day everyone! So today I have yet  another exciting subscription box called Bump Boxes , it's especially for the mom to be!! I know I no longer have a bump but I wish I would have known about it when I was in my first trimester, it feels great to spoil a mamma! This subscription box includes healthy products handpicked by moms, tailored to your due date, and designed to pamper you throughout your pregnancy! It makes the perfect pregnancy gift! They offer different plans, starting at $39.99 but you can save on your first month using code Bump40 saving 40% off your first box!  If you do the other plans you can save as well. The box comes with 4-8 healthy FULL-sized products, tailored to your due date. It is free shipping, free returns, and hassel free cancelations. Best of all once baby is born you can keep your subscription throughout your baby's first birthday! I ordered my first Bump Boxes on my last week of my pregnancy thought it be cool to come back ho

Boxy Charm / September Beauty Box

I'm excited to say that I'm officially a Boxy Charmer!! I know what you're thinking I've gone addicted with subscription boxes and what not. (DON'T JUDGE ME Lol) Let me just tell you that out of all the subscription boxes this one out beats all of them! If you aren't familiar on how it works let me give you a quick run through. Boxy Charm is a beauty box subscription you pay $21 a month. They put together some of the most TRENDIEST, HIGHEND makeup for YOU usually the box contains 4-5 FULL size beauty products. Usually every Charmer receives 3 of the same items in their boxes and the other items are a complete surprise to you. After you subscribe you create a profile and answer some simple questions my guess is they will tailor the box to YOU. After, seeing their previous boxes I was blown away on how they manage to get top notch beauty products for you to try out! So if you are wanting to try some high-end beauty products and are on a budget then this box is

Keep Me Safe Organics / Skin Care Review

Hello darlings, today I have a beauty product review from Keep Me Safe Organics! The company carries organic, toxic free beauty and skincare products. I believe that taking care of your face is important since it is the first thing everyone sees so make it a lasting impression. I'll be reviewing their skincare line, which are the facial cleanser, facial toner, facial moisturizer, serum, and rejuvenating glacier mud mask. (Disclosure, all products provided by Keep Me Safe Organics   All my opinions are mine and I'm keeping it 100%.) In order to give you my honest opinion, I tested the products for three days and made a video documenting my results after using all the products. I will post the video below. Let's talk about my skin issues before using the products; I suffered from dry flaky skin, red blotchy patches on my cheeks and of course acne. I'll be reviewing each item and tell you a bit more about them. Whipped Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser: This pH