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Beauty Sponge Holder/ Makeup Sponge Cup/ New Designs

Hello my Beauties, I wanted to share my latest Beauty Sponge Holders. I've designed a few different ones to suit your style.  This particular one is my favorite, featuring flirty eyelashes and a bold red lipstick! I've also included two other lipstick Gal's which makes them the perfect sisters.  Meet the coral and hot pink version, they are so beautiful and unique. You can collect them all or gift them to your BFF or sisters!  I also designed two leopard print. An elegant black/gold and a black with pop of vibrant colors.  If you love cats, I got YOU! I designed a cute kitty Beauty Sponge Holder. It's in black with a cute gold heart shaped nose. Isn't she Purr-ty! Last but certainly not least one of my best seller is the black polka-dots with a beautiful golden rim.  I've been having fun creating different styles and prints that will fit your personality. These are all available at my Etsy Shop HERE or link below. If you would like a custom design I'd be ha
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310 Nutrition Almond Joy Smoothie

I love starting my day with a delicious smoothie! Today I'm sharing a 310 Nutrition recipe inspired by my favorite Chocolate Almond Joy! 310 Nutrition shakes are organic, vegan, gluten free, Keto and Paleo friendly. They come in many flavors such as; vanilla, chocolate, and salted caramel.  This recipe is so fast and easy to prepare. The ingredients you'll need are the following; 310 Nutrition Meal replacement shake in chocolate, ice, 1/2 frozen banana, 8 oz of Almond milk, 1 TBS Nutella, and coconut flakes.  For this you will need a blender. Simply add all the ingredients onto your blender and blend for 1 to 2 minutes.  Pour onto your favorite tall glass and enjoy a delicious Almond Joy Smoothie!! Check out my step-by-step recipe on how I made this delicious Almond Joy Smoothie Recipe using 310 Nutrition Shake. I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think? SAVE USING CODE (310LOLLIPOP_COUTUREO)  Shop 310Nutrition

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Review

"Put on some lipstick just because." -Jess Sometimes all you need is a little bit of lipstick in Mocha by OFRA Cosmetics to feel confident, beautiful, and put together. Times are tough but so are you darling! I must confess I had been in a rut in the beginning of this pandemic. But decided to try to get glammed up, because it made me feel good about myself even though I wasn't going anywhere. So ladies get your Glam on! 💋  "Put some LIPSTICK on and pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor Sometimes all you need is a little bit of Lipstick  to liven up your mood. I've been obsessing over this Mocha Liquid Lipstick by OFRA cosmetics! It is the perfect shade for everyday wear around the casa. I really like the formula it is so velvety and smooth, it feels as if I'm not wearing anything. The pigment is excellent because you can get one good application without looking patchy. It also has a subtle scent of vanilla, not overwhelming. As far as being Long La

Paul & Joe Beauty Latest Launch and Review

Hello gorgeous, I'm excited to share with you, Paul & Joe's Beauty latest eyeshadow collection, that launched on August 1'st through Amazon! These eyeshadows are Duo's which makes them perfect for on the go. They came out with a new formula, and let's just say lets it is pillowy to the touch.  There are seven Eye Color Duo's ranging from neutrals to bright pops of color. Each one is $28 available through Amazon.( ) Can we just stop to admire such beautiful packaging! These beauties are actually cases for the Eye Color Duo's which makes them eco-friendly, because you'll simply buy Eye Color Duo as a refill. This gives you the ability to customize your case to your personality and style. Eyeshadow cases come in different print options. Print include two floral and cute animals. They are available for $10 each on Amazon. Which Eye Color Duo and cases will you be picking out?  Here are all the gorgeous swatches. (From left to right;

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I'm a mom on the go, who needs her daily dose of coffee to survive first year of Kindergarten and wait for it....the terrible two's! Did I mentioned I love coffee and can't seem to quit, especially since PSL is back in season! As a matter of fact I already bought my pumpkin spice brew. I've always dreamed of having pearly white teeth, I've tried a few whitening strips but let's be honest I'm impatient and want to see results sooner than soon before throwing in the towel. I've tried a few DIY's only to end up hurting my gum line, so never again! This year I've grown more subconscious about my teeth. Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that I'm on YouTube, or taking more selfies on my social medias. I wanted to whiten my teeth on my last dental check up, but found out I needed a root canal. So there went my annual budget on an unexpected procedure. I then got excited for my upcoming FabFitFun box, they were going to include a teeth whitening

Women's Watches: Where to Shop for Unique Timepieces

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is slowly creeping up and I'm making sure to make the most out of it. As a mommy of two, I stop and stare at my two beautiful daughters I began to reminisce on the day they were both born. Oh such tiny little babies they were and all I can think is poof they've grown in a blink of an eye. I am soaking up every moment and making memories with them because I want them to always remember all the good TIMES we've experienced. Thanks to JORD on my wrist, it is a daily reminder to cherish my precious time. JORD is based in St. Louis. They design sophisticated watches with mix of natural, and largely re-claimed materials, combined with quality movements and components. JORD are best known for their unique hand crafted wooden watches. I consider myself minimalistic when it comes to watches. When I saw THE CASSIA it caught my attention because I knew it was perfect for me! It is thoughtfully styled with a Scandinavian design in mind. The band is