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Pregnancy Skin Care

Oooh the dreaded stretch marks, they are inevitable! They say they are genetic, and appear if you gain weight at a fast pace. What helps is to keep hydrated, gain weight at a slower rate, and applying certain oils and lotions.
With my first pregnancy I used a well known brand, Palmers because that's the first one and only one available at the stores. For the oil I used a different brand Bio-Oil. I didn't defeat the stretch marks but they were tiny and subtle on my belly so I was happy about that. This time around I wanted to try a different brand. I really wasn't a fan on the cocoa butter scent nor the texture of Palmer's lotions. I searched on Target's website and read reviews and I stumbled upon Boppy. Yes the makers of nursing pillows. I was a bit skeptical at first since I've only known them for the pillows but after reading reviews I was open minded. (Disclaimer: This review was NOT sponsored by Boppy I paid for all the products and all opinions are mine)


IPSY/ August Glam Bag

Yey, another month another glam bag!! I'm happy to report that my second IPSY glam bag is finally here!! This month's theme was to fill the universe with peace, love, and magic.
I absolutely loved the bag, it has the perfect quote. "Peace Love Lipstick. " The bag has an ombre effect, with white and golden glitter letters,  and with a cute gold leather tassel.

Ad: I received five items plus the cute make-up bag for only $10! Can't beat that price for trying out different beauty products.(Disclaimer: This review was not Sponsored by IPSY I paid for my glam bag and all opinions are mine)
My first item was a perfume sample by Juliette Has a Gun. (The name is pretty hard core lol) This is the perfect size to carry in your purse or when you're traveling. It is made out of a single ingredient cetalox and it is allergen free. It is one of their top sellers. I really liked the scent, it is woodsy and earthy,  not sweet or flowery.  I will definitely be wearing it a l…

Stripe Maxi Dress

Summer in Az calls for dresses! My daughter loves to wear dresses in the summer since they feel cooler and well she is a girlie girl. I've noticed that she was already out growing some of the ones I've made her last year or bought her. It's mommy made to the rescue, I've been wanting to make her a maxi dress ever since she learned how to walk lol. So now I think she is in the appropriate age to be able to move and handle a maxi dress.
For this design I decided to do a basic tank pattern and I measured her for the desired length. The hem was going to be high low but, squared out. I was inspired by my stripe black and white maternity dress. I had another stripe black in white fabric in my stash, this was a cotton jersey blend and was softer.
Unfortunately, like many times I didn't have enough fabric for the stripes to go horizontal. I really wanted to use this fabric so I decided the next best thing was to have the stripes go vertically. Since it is a four way stre…

Mommy and Me Kimono

It finally happened, I sewed myself a kimono and a matching one for my daughter!!
Ever since I made her floral kimono I've been wanting one for myself. As I was cleaning my sewing room I stumbled upon an onion knit feather fabric. The feathers are beautiful and I hadn't thought of what to do with it. ( Hi my name is Paulette and I'm a fabric hoarder) Light bulb hit, kimono! I drafted my pattern and what do you know I had enough for myself and my mini me lol.

I was excited to have one and wear it during my pregnancy.  I decided to use the same lace trim as the one I had previously used on my daughter's floral kimono. Here we are in our mommy and me kimonos! She looks so cute! Being pregnant a kimono is a must, it dresses up the belly more and the lightweight fabric keeps me cool in the summer.

Now that kimono is off my check list, I have a few more maternity makes that I want to share with you, so stay tune!

Here is a silly pose lol

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