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Date Night In Box Experience + Review

Ever since we became parents, Date Night has been a thing of the past! Don't get me wrong we still enjoyed dinning out, or going to the movies, but it was a "Family Date" lol.
We would feel guilty about leaving our first baby while having fun without her. Now that we have baby number #2 it seems a little harder to even do a family date night, it literally takes us hours to get ready and get out of the house. (Seriously, tell me this is normal and we aren't the only ones!) I recently came across the solution to our date night struggles, Date Night In Box!
It's a monthly subscription box, they send you a complete date night to your door step. It literally requires no babysitter, you can enjoying in the comfort of your own home, and most importantly spend time with your significant other. They take care of your activities, ambiance, music, snacks, and recommended dinner menu. Their hope is
 that you walk away from your Date Night In feeling more connected to your significant other. They have different subscription plans their monthly subscription is $34.99 + shipping. (Which if you think about it not bad as opposed to dinner out plus a movie.)
I ordered their November Date Night In box, the theme was Give Thanks. The box included mulled cider, gourmet pumpkin seeds, sticky notes, two pencils, Mad libs, paracord, and three clear baggies. Unfortunately the box was missing a scented candle. (I reached out to customer service they apologized and mailed out the missing scented candle.)
My initial reaction was disappointment, because they didn't include the scented candle or had wow items that felt like my monies worth. The candle smelled wonderful, but we didn't have a lighter to light it up so I guess it wasn't meant for us to use on our date...Way to go destiny!
All judgment aside we decided to give it a try. We set aside one day out of the week when the girls were fast asleep to have our date night. That day was a bit unorganized so we opted out on the suggested dinner, which was ok because I always cook hearty meals throughout the week.
I did prepare the mulled cider by Leslie Saligoe, that was included in the box. We don't really drink cider but this cider was hands down delicious! It kept us warm and cozy throughout our date. It had the perfect burst of flavors; such as cinnamon, vanilla, apple, and brown sugar!
The gourmet pumpkin seeds by Superseedz were the perfect snack to pair with the mulled cider.
I liked the fact that they didn't come in the shell and were ready to snack on. The taste was spot on, it had the right amount of sea salt.
Our first activity was the Mad Libs, which is a fill in the blank card. This was pretty fun to come up with something that made sense but was meaningful at the same time. We read our cards to each other and had a good laugh.
With the included sticky note pads we were to take some time and write down a few reasons why we were thankful for each other. However, they were to remain secret from each other, and instead they were to be hidden around our home in places where we'd find them. The goal was that eventually we would find these little love notes and be sweetly reminded of all the reasons why we are thankful for each other.
I thought this was pretty cute and couldn't wait to hide them around the house! The following days I hide a few and it made him feel extra special! When I found the ones he hid I felt so loved and thought how cleverly he hid his notes lol. This goes to show you how powerful words can be!
In keeping with the Giving Thanks theme, we gave thanks to all who serve our country. In conjunction with Operation Gratitude we made a paracord survival bracelet. My hubby watched the tutorial and started working on it, I thought it was neat how it became a bracelet.
The bracelet was made out of 550 paracord which is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used as a suspension lines for U.S. military parachute. The cord can be used for securing camouflage nets, building a makeshift shelter, extending a security strap, creating a harness, making a sling or splint. As part of giving thanks we were to include the bracelet along with care packages kits which would be delivered to Operation Gratitude.
In 2012 Operation Gratitude began supporting the emergency first responders who volunteered with disaster response with the Paracord bracelets. To Give Thanks we reused our box to build a care kit for our troops. Each year Operation Gratitude sends 2000,000+ care packages to veterans. I thought it was great to build these care packages as a small way of thanking our troops for serving our Country!
Inconclusion, our Date Night was a success, we enjoyed each other's company, sipped warm cider, snacked on pumpkin seeds, and laughed. We definitely needed this Date night because we were able to reflect on why we are Thankful for on another.
Even though I was disappointed with the items included it goes to show you that with simple items and a great imagination you can have a wonderful Date Night! It definitely was worth the money to enjoy it with my honey! So parents if you are wanting a Date Night without the hassel of finding a babysitter I recommend Date Night In Box!
Remember before you had your children it was just the TWO of you and you must continue to nourish your relationship and keep that connection strong. Make sure to visit Date Night In Box (Here) and use code WINTER1 for free shipping on one box. Hope you enjoyed my Date Night In Box review if you have been considering this subscription or if you have been wanting a Date Night solution!


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