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GLOSSYBOX September/ Unboxing & Review/Coupon Codes/Free GLOSSYBOX

You have the right to remain gorgeous! Anything you wear won’t be used against you in the court of fashion. Guilty as charged. This September GLOSSYBOX is calling into a lineup all the common beauty problems! So when it comes to the perfect lipstick, a scent that lasts, and greasy hear, consider it CASE CLOSED.

If you aren’t familiar with GLOSSYBOX it is a $21 monthly beauty box subscription. They always curate the perfect box of skincare, makeup, hair products, and products you didn’t even know they existed. This month’s theme is Usual Suspects, it’s a fun twist of how to solve common beauty problems. This month GLOSSYBOX features STYL, MOODMatcher, Wild Garden, Psssst, Lapcos, and Context. Below I’ll talk more about each product, cost, mini review, and Swatch Time!

9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Eaton Square: $15
This is such a gorgeous eye shadow palette, you know I’m a sucker for neutrals and I’m in total awe by it. They swatched beautifully as they were so creamy like buttah. I really liked how they are different finishes from matte to shimmery. You can not go wrong with neutrals as they can go with any occasion or outfit. Best of all they look great on all skin types. Considered your shadow dilemmas solved.

Twist Stick Lip Color: $10
This next product takes me back to the times when I wore mood rings. Incase you were wondering the lipstick shade changes according to your mood. How cool is that! Let your mood decided what shade is best on you. This lipstick is infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, making lips moisturized all day. I put it to the test and although it looks green on my lips it was clear at first then suddenly it started changing. (I’ll make sure to include a close up on my YouTube video so you’ll see it magically change before your eyes.) It turned into a deep pink; I liked how it looked natural as though I had a tint not necessary a lipstick. It does stay put and you’ll have to scrub your lips if you don’t want the product on anymore.

Wild Garden
Body Lotion in Pretty & Wild: $8.95
This body lotion is a mix of sparkling mandarins combined with roses to create a lotion that is on point. Perfect time to apply body lotion is right after a shower, it absorbs 10x’s more. I really liked how subtle and fresh this lotion smelled. It felt so light and unlike other scented lotions I’ve tried in the past.  
Micro-Derm Regenerator: $8.75
I’m a huge fan of micro-derm because they offer the best of both worlds; a cleanser and gentle exfoliator. This one fights damage, and protects cells while removing dead skin. Leaving your skin beautiful, smooth, and hydrated. I know at one point I was guilty for not exfoliating my skin and dabbing on foundation. And let me tell you this is a beauty crime, as it leaves your foundation to look flaky, and creates cracks. Great makeup or no makeup looks, starts with healthy skin!

Daily Skin Sheet Mask in Charcoal: $3.50
Me time always includes a face mask, they are great for relaxing and boosting your skin. This one is infused with salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and charcoal extract. It helps to remove toxins and keep your skin refreshed. Not only that it, it also tightens your pores, who doesn’t like smaller pores. Now we’ve unmasked the suspect.

Freeman PSSSST!
Original Dry Shampoo in Citrus: $2.33
If you haven’t discovered dry shampoo, you’ve been living under a rock. They are the best invention ever, best for busy women who are on the go! Or if you are a MOM, this product will instantly become your BFF because ya’ll know the struggle is real when raising littles. The powder eliminates odor, absorbs oil, and boosts volume. Spray and you’re ready to go know one needs to know you were rocking yesterday’s hairdo.

So know that we have tackled the usual suspects considered your beauty disasters a cased closed! This month’s GLOSSYBOX was valued at $47.32 which is awesome if you are suffering from any of these beauty crimes. I really love the body lotion as I’m particular about strong scents and this one isn’t too overwhelming. The eye shadow palette by STYL is so gorgeous, even though I own quite a few neutrals they are my makeup staple. You can still get September’s GLOSSYBOX if you subscribe before the end of the month! What are your beauty crimes comment below?

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! If you sign up in the month of September, this will be your first box! Sign up here!
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  1. What a fabulous box! You got some great things. I love the colors of that palette. Plus I always need dry shampoo.

  2. I have never tried dry shampoo. It would take 2 weeks for my dry hair to look greasy.

  3. I havent tried dry shampoo. However, I love this box. It is really amazing.

  4. It looks like it was a really good month for Glossy Box! I am a sucker for subscription services since I love being able to try out all of the things I probably wouldn't have purchased on my own.

  5. This is a good box because it doesn't have anything it that precludes a certain skin shade, which is nice. I do love the eyeshadow palette. Its pretty with just enough bling.

  6. Love subscription boxes. This is something that looks like worth trying.

  7. That box looks fabulous, I especially like the idea of the charcoal face mask right now. sounds like some good pampering fun!

  8. That MoodMatcher lipstick is so fun! I've never seen anything like it in the makeup world. That palette is also so pretty.

  9. I had no idea that something like this existed. I think this is something my wife would appreciate. I am going to give this a try.

  10. I heard of Glossybox, and most of my friends love it. Love that this last box came with the charcoal mask, I use them weekly.

  11. I've never heard of Glossybox. Seems like a great box for those who enjoy makeup!

  12. I have been wanting a mood changing lipstick since I first saw one. I'll have to look into this!

  13. How fun is this box?! I'd love to receive a box this especially since I don't know much about makeup. I feel like that can sample new products without any pressure in the store.

  14. That mood lipstick sounds really fun. I know I wouldn't like my lips green, but the changing colors part would be fun.

  15. What a lovely content! I like those shades of your new eyeshadows :D

  16. Don't know much about this. But will surely give this box to my female blogger friend. Thanks for sharing this

  17. I've never tried Glossybox before, but this box does look good, some great products inside.

  18. Great swatches. I love a good mask and I would love the Charcoal pore mask

  19. Looks like a fun box! I love discovering new makeup products!!! I tend to always buy the same things os discovery new ones are always fun.

  20. It looks like you got some incredible products in your box. Which one has a been your favourite? Or were there any of the products that took you by surprise?

  21. I have definitely heard of Glossy Box but have never subscribed to it. It looks like you get so much amazing stuff!

  22. I love subscription boxes but I never buy them :p . I love what this box has to offer especially the eyeshadow pallete

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  26. Glossy box is so cool. I would much rather keep it to store things rather than regift. Keshia Richmond

  27. I have been seeing this glossy box alot, I love facial wipes either for my face, hands whenever I find them I have to use them. This box is really nice

  28. Thanks for posting. Glossy box is very cool.
    I love subscription boxes but I never buy them :p . I love what this box has to offer especially the eyeshadow pallete. Please keep sharing such posts.

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