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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I'm a mom on the go, who needs her daily dose of coffee to survive first year of Kindergarten and wait for it....the terrible two's! Did I mentioned I love coffee and can't seem to quit, especially since PSL is back in season! As a matter of fact I already bought my pumpkin spice brew. I've always dreamed of having pearly white teeth, I've tried a few whitening strips but let's be honest I'm impatient and want to see results sooner than soon before throwing in the towel. I've tried a few DIY's only to end up hurting my gum line, so never again! This year I've grown more subconscious about my teeth. Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that I'm on YouTube, or taking more selfies on my social medias. I wanted to whiten my teeth on my last dental check up, but found out I needed a root canal. So there went my annual budget on an unexpected procedure. I then got excited for my upcoming FabFitFun box, they were going to include a teeth whitening

Women's Watches: Where to Shop for Unique Timepieces

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is slowly creeping up and I'm making sure to make the most out of it. As a mommy of two, I stop and stare at my two beautiful daughters I began to reminisce on the day they were both born. Oh such tiny little babies they were and all I can think is poof they've grown in a blink of an eye. I am soaking up every moment and making memories with them because I want them to always remember all the good TIMES we've experienced. Thanks to JORD on my wrist, it is a daily reminder to cherish my precious time. JORD is based in St. Louis. They design sophisticated watches with mix of natural, and largely re-claimed materials, combined with quality movements and components. JORD are best known for their unique hand crafted wooden watches. I consider myself minimalistic when it comes to watches. When I saw THE CASSIA it caught my attention because I knew it was perfect for me! It is thoughtfully styled with a Scandinavian design in mind. The band is

Snail Mail Sticker Club Review plus Special Coupon

As a child I was a sticker collector I had a book where I'd stick my new sticker they were all unique and special to me. As an adult I'm still very drawn to stickers and love to use them in my planners, calendar, or for my children. I'm excited to share a fun sticker subscription service Snail Mail Sticker Club. Each month they deliver over 10 sheets of stickers of all sizes, a frame-able premium 5 x 7 inch postcard, and two affirmation cards (one for you and one to share!). They are $12.95 with free shipping. This month's affimation is "I am up for the challenge." Which comes with two one for you to give to someone who needs a little motivation and another to keep for yourself. Which I think is awesome because quotes are extremely powerful they can uplift your spirits. They also included a postcard that says, "Yeah! You're awesome. You can send some love to a friend or family member. I think there is nothing like a handwritten note, which i

Beauty Sponge Holder/Etsy Shop/BeautyBlender Cup

Have you ever found yourself looking insanely for your BeautyBlender only to find it rolling around in your makeup bag? Well your search is over because I designed the Beauty Sponge Holder "A Happy Home for your BeautyBlender!" It is a white porcelain cup with beautiful marble artwork. They come in three color combination options. They are all distinctly unique because the artworks are all different. Combination one Baby Blue, Deep Blue, with Silver. Combination two: Hot Pink, Light Pink. And last but not least combination three: Light Pink with Lilac. This beautiful piece of artwork adds a decorative touch to your vanity. So not only is it functional but it is pleasing to look at while applying your makeup. It is also hygienic because once you've washed your BeautyBlender you can place it in the Beauty Sponge Holder to dry. These beauties are available at my Etsy Shop ( ) Because you're my loyal reader save 10% on your pur

GLOSSYBOX March Review + Coupon Code

Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day all month long! Let us toast to all the inspiring women in our lives starting with the woman who gave birth to YOU beautiful momma’s who raise children who will be tomorrow’s future. This month GLOSSYBOX is paying a homage to all the powerful, fearless, and unique glam every women is paving. This month GLOSSYBOX is providing you all the equipment you need to make this month your best month yet. Inside this box you will find a strengthening hair mask, a face primer to help you glow, and a mascara to be bold, and a highlighter to keep you shine! Below I’ll be reviewing this month’s GLOSSYBOX featuring YENSA, NURIA, BRIOGEO, DWTN PARIS, and MANNA KADAR BEAUTY. This is version one, my GLOSSYBOX may differ from the one you receive. If you aren’t familiar with GLOSSYBOX it is a $21 beauty subscription box below I’ll share some special coupons.  Below I will talk more in depth about each product, my thoughts, and swatch time! YENSA Ton