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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

I'm a mom on the go, who needs her daily dose of coffee to survive first year of Kindergarten and wait for it....the terrible two's! Did I mentioned I love coffee and can't seem to quit, especially since PSL is back in season! As a matter of fact I already bought my pumpkin spice brew.
I've always dreamed of having pearly white teeth, I've tried a few whitening strips but let's be honest I'm impatient and want to see results sooner than soon before throwing in the towel. I've tried a few DIY's only to end up hurting my gum line, so never again! This year I've grown more subconscious about my teeth. Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that I'm on YouTube, or taking more selfies on my social medias. I wanted to whiten my teeth on my last dental check up, but found out I needed a root canal. So there went my annual budget on an unexpected procedure. I then got excited for my upcoming FabFitFun box, they were going to include a teeth whitening kit system, only to be unexpectedly pulled out of their customization. It seemed like all odds were against me, getting brighter and whiter teeth wasn't in my cards.
Until, Smile Brilliant offered to send me their at home whitening kit. At last the universe was finally aligning!
I've been curious about Smile Brilliant whitening kit and I'm sure YOU have been aswell. So this would be the perfect opportunity to give you the 411 on how Smile Brilliant works and answer most of your asked question. Does Smile Brilliant really work? How long until you see results? So here is my journey to whiter and brighter teeth using Smile Brilliant's at home whitening kit.
As soon as my Smile Brilliant kit arrived I was excited and couldn't wait to get started. The kit contained three Catalyst paste, three Base paste, molding trays, return envelope, four teeth whitening gels and four desensitizing gels, and several helpful instructions.
Before I even got started with my teeth whitening applications I had to create my teeth moldings. I had to carefully read the instructions on how to do this because this step is critical. One of the good thing about the impression process is that Smile Brilliant sends you an extra base and catalyst incase you mess up on your first round. 
Once you have your impressions made you can double check if they are good by snapping a photo and emailing them, once they approve them you may send them to the lab with the return envelope provided. Important tip: make sure your trays have fully hardened and are dry. You'll get notified through email once they received the impressions and if they are viable. If everything looks great then you'll receive your custom trays within 3-5 days.
Once they arrive you'll get a container to store them along with your teeth trays. Make sure to try them out to ensure that they fit. I was pretty impressed by how well my trays fit and how they managed to get my teeth impressions to the teeth.
Now that I had completed step one, I was able to move on to the fun stuff! But before I started I took before pictures so I could see the difference in my progress.
I really liked how clear and simple the instructions were, when it came to the whitening applications. I also liked that I could email them if my teeth felt too sensitive and needed tips or a new application recipe. On my first day applying I decided to do only 45 minutes to get my teeth used to the process. The desensitizing gel took an additional 15 minutes. I had no problem with sensitivity on my first day and I could already tell a difference!
My life could get hectic so I had to make sure to give myself some Me Time and relax while using my Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening kit. I found myself setting reminders in the beginning to do the process and setting aside an hour. This actually became a helpful diet since I started to incorporate a food intake cut off time. While whitening I was able to multitask wether I was reading, watching a movie, doing dishes, or cooking. I liked how convenient and easy it has been these couple of days. 
Whitening my teeth has become a ritual, I'm always looking forward to see what my teeth will look like. The time put in so far has been well worth it. Each syringe gave me 4-5 application which is a great amount. Since I had four syringes, I'm already halfway through my process with 10 applications I wanted to share my results so far! 
Here are my after photos after 10 applications. I will update this post once I've completed the kit so keep an eye on it.
A couple of helpful tips I'd like to point out are;
• Use non whitening toothpaste during this process.
• If you find your teeth too sensitive let them rest and do it every other day
• Avoid any staining foods or drinks
• Give yourself an hour to do this process
• It is best to apply it before bedtime so have a cut off time for eating.
•Be consistent, set a reminder incase you forget. (You won't see progress until you do it often)
Overall I am loving Smile Brilliant's at home teeth whitening kit. It is easy to use and the results have been amazing so far. My teeth are able to handle the formula. They haven't become too sensitive. I can already see a huge difference between my before and after photos. Smile Brilliant has gaven me back my confidence and I find my self smiling more. I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant if you are looking for brighter and whiter teeth from the comfort of your home. Since the holidays are fast approaching Smile Brilliant and I are teaming up together to bring you a Brighter smile this Holiday by giving away a Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit! It is so easy to enter just follow the link below. Let your friends and family know about my Smile Brilliant giveaway!

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  1. Interesting post. I used another at home whitening kit that my dentist gave me, and I was super happy with the results as well! I drink a lot of tea, and it's good to know I can continue! Great post!

  2. I need to try this out for sure. My teeth could use a whitening.

  3. This is great. I've been looking for something to try at home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good to know that this works. I should let my son know about this as he wants whiter teeth

  5. I am about to get my teeth professionally whitened by my dentist. Maybe I should look into this first!

  6. Oh, Yes! This is the product I need for whitening my teeth. I have been using other crude methods that don't work at all. Thank you Paulette for this post.

  7. I've always considered getting teeth whitening done but assumed it was much too expensive. I wasn't aware that at home products actually made a difference!

  8. Oh, wow! What a great difference. I will definitely give this a try, as my teeth are no longer as white as they use to be.


  9. It's amazing how it is now possible to be able to treat your smile so well from home and with such a product then! Wow!

  10. I have never used whitening kits because my teeth are so sensitive, even after the dentist cleans them I am in pain for the next few days.

  11. Oh man, I would love to try this, although my teeth are kind of sensitive. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  12. That's awesome, I haven't really used the teeth strips but my brother always use it and it takes time to make your teeth white. Thank you for sharing this amazing way to whiting teeth a bit quicker.

  13. This sounds really good. My husband has tried one in the past and it his mouth was just to sensitive to the kit.

  14. I've often wondered the same thing! Glad to see there is a difference after.

  15. Home teeth whitening is not as effective as professional but it does work and it is a lot cheaper. Great option if you need it and can use

  16. I never try teeth whitening before. Never thought about it as my teeth are an ok color.

  17. I just finished my Invisalign treatment and desperately need to whitening my teeth, but afraid as they are sensitive.

  18. This kits make whitening your teeth an option at home, which can be beneficial for those who don't have sensitivity.

  19. Sounds like a great alternative, specially when we have a busy life. I like that you can do it whenever you have time. Like you said, consistency is the key. Can't wait to see the final results!

  20. This looks fantastic! I would be willing to try this! I have always been curious about home teeth whitener, but you have convinced me!

  21. There is nothing better than a pretty smile. I have had the same concerns and your results are compelling and provoking!

  22. As a teenager, i did try few teeth whitening products, i also did made some myself but after using it i couldn't eat for days and since then i stooped, maybe i will try this..

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

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