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The V-day Dress

Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed Valentines with your significant other or with friends and family. A day filled with roses, chocolates, candy hearts, and most important expressing these three little words "I LOVE YOU!"...As you all may know Lollipop Couture was working on something LOVELY, and yes you guessed it for Valentine's day. Well the wait is over!! Here is the highly anticipated V-Day Dress!! A red strapless sweetheart bodice mini dress. XoXo, L.C. P.S. Stay tune for more surprises

Lollipop Couture's Official T-Shirt

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Sharing is Caring!! Ladies and Gentlemen please Share Lollipop Couture's Facebook page with your friends and family for a chance to be entered into a drawing!! One Lucky Winner will win the FIRST official Lollipop Couture's Women T-Shirt!!! So guys if you share this you can give this gift to your special lady ;) The winner will be announced on Friday 22, 2013 at noon. Good luck and start spreading the word!! Click the thumbnail to go to our facebook!   XoXo, L.C.