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Beauty Sponge Holder/Etsy Shop/BeautyBlender Cup

Have you ever found yourself looking insanely for your BeautyBlender only to find it rolling around in your makeup bag? Well your search is over because I designed the Beauty Sponge Holder "A Happy Home for your BeautyBlender!" It is a white porcelain cup with beautiful marble artwork. They come in three color combination options. They are all distinctly unique because the artworks are all different. Combination one Baby Blue, Deep Blue, with Silver. Combination two: Hot Pink, Light Pink. And last but not least combination three: Light Pink with Lilac. This beautiful piece of artwork adds a decorative touch to your vanity. So not only is it functional but it is pleasing to look at while applying your makeup. It is also hygienic because once you've washed your BeautyBlender you can place it in the Beauty Sponge Holder to dry. These beauties are available at my Etsy Shop ( ) Because you're my loyal reader save 10% on your pur