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Behind the Seams II part II

Often times the muslin sample dress needs a few alterations such as hem length, sides being loose or too tight. When I make my alterations I like to pin and mark with a sharpie I also write down how much and where I need to take in or out. I make sure that the client is happy with the fit and design. Sometimes I ask questions such as; can you move or is it too tight? Is the hem too long will you able to walk and not fall? One of my main concerns about this particular design was the type of bra that would be used, I offered to insert cups for more support. However I can only make suggestions, it is always up to the client to take them or not. Whatever changes I make on to the muslin I must transfer them on to the flat pattern. How I do this, I tear apart the original muslin and cut off the seams. I use a Styrofoam sheet to pin down the old paper pattern and the altered muslin pattern. This helps me trace down the new alterations onto the old pattern. Once I retrace everything,

Behind the Seams I

It's been a while since I've done a custom design or a Behind the Seams segment. Today I will be sharing with you my latest work. A month ago I was contacted by a young lady to design a gown for a wedding she was attending mid April. She sent me a picture of a mermaid dress she had stumbled across. The problem was that she wouldn't be able to get it delivered just in time for her event. I came to her rescue j/k. I met with her took down her measurements talked about fabric choices and any other details. Here is a sketch of the design. The design consisted of a mermaid silhouette, the neckline was almost like a racer back. The back was exposed with tiny spaghetti straps. The back skirt had a tiny bustle. The hem had tulle peeking out all around. The chosen fabrics were red peach skin, red lining, and black tulle. The notions that were used included an invisible zipper and thread. I generally like to drape my patterns on the dress form over flat pat