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Halloween Edition 2013 Part I

October is here and the weather is chillier, leaves are turning orange-brown and falling to the ground. I love this time of the year I just want to wear my comfy sweater and drink a pumpkin spice latte and eat a pumpkin pie with whip cream. Anyways enough about what I love about October, well as you know Halloween is fast approaching, this year I had the privilege of designing not one but THREE Halloween costumes!! Here is my first out of three. My aunt wanted to be Gunter from Adventure Time. The character is a cute penguin. She wanted a dress that consisted of a sweetheart neckline, long sleeves, a hoodie, and ruffles at the bottom. Her fabric choices was satin, she wanted it to be shiny. The colors consisted of black, white, and orange for the beak. I made muslin for her to test out the design. However, the flared sleeve was omitted in the final design. After minor adjustments I was ready to sew with the real fabric. I have to admit this design had a lot of curbs that w

Halloween Edition 2013 Part II

Hello everyone, happy Halloween!! Hope you all had a wonderful time trick-or-treating or giving out candy. It’s always fun to see the children get into character in there costumes they look so adorable. Talking about children as I mentioned in the previous post I had the privilege of designing two Halloween costumes one for a little girl and the other for a toddler. This is my first time designing for a small person; it was so much fun and the patterns where super tiny. They both wanted to be Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas. For the Toddler we decided to keep it original and close to Jack’s character. He would have a basic white button shirt, with a pinstripe suite and his bat bow tie. The back of the suite would have the tails flaring out just like Jack.

Sweet Sensation Holiday Collection

As you know I have been busy working on my holiday collection titled Sweet Sensation. The title basically sums up what the collection will be about. In other words there will be delicate items, but at the same time edgy items. Here are some of the fabric swatches. In this collection you will see different textures and fabrics, such as leather, chiffon, sequin. Not only that but for the first time you will see a range of variety, and by that I mean pants, blouses, jacket, ect. Lollipop Couture will raise the bar to give you the best and will not be mistaken for a one trick pony!

Art Meets Fashion

In this edition the blog I want to share with you my passion for art. As I mentioned to you before in previous post that as a child I would spend countless hours sketching away, I would even go about making my own comic books. What used to drive me to sketching was my big imagination and often times my dreams, I would want to document them in paper because there was no way for me to explain my dreams to anyone. As time went by my interest in art grew, however realistically I knew that illustrating could not be my career. Sketching fashion dolls was a big reason why I choose to become a Fashion Designer. This was a great combo because I get the best of both worlds FASHION and ART , I couldn’t be happier. (Here are some of my College sketches of different mediums. Left: Acrylics Right: Charcoal)

The Heart of Fashion

Oh how the years flown by. It was the year 2009, when I got a taste of a runway show. The Mahnah club was hosting the Heart of Fashion runway show, which was a fundraising event. They collaborated with Phoenix college fashion students for a special project. I happen to be a fashion student at the time, and got the opportunity to participate. It felt like a project runway moment because we where given a small budget to buy clothes from thrift store and the catch was to re-fashion them. At the time I was out of town and couldn't go shopping with my fellow classmates, so a good friend of mine chose my articles of clothing. When I returned from my trip, I was nervous to see what she had picked out for me. What I saw was a scary prom dress which was a purple taffeta with velvet flower prints all over. Along with an old school two piece suit in purple with a hint of pink as accent on the jacket. I have to admit I was worried but at the same time pleased with the color purple.  

Prom 2012

As we all know right now is Prom season for all the seniors! I love prom, this is your time to get all dolled up. This is one of your last memories as a high school student, a time to cherish with all your close friends and celebrate the fact that you made it through the 4 years of high school and the biggest achievement is receiving your diploma! So last year I had the honor of designing a dress for my sister-in-law and two of her close friends. I was extremely excited about designing prom dresses; I had so many ideas rushing through my head, I kept thinking Red Carpet gowns. I interviewed each of them and based on the information I gathered, I sketched 3 different possibilities for all three of them. They all narrowed down to their dream prom dress. Prom Dress #1 (Sister-in-laws):

The V-day Dress

Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed Valentines with your significant other or with friends and family. A day filled with roses, chocolates, candy hearts, and most important expressing these three little words "I LOVE YOU!"...As you all may know Lollipop Couture was working on something LOVELY, and yes you guessed it for Valentine's day. Well the wait is over!! Here is the highly anticipated V-Day Dress!! A red strapless sweetheart bodice mini dress. XoXo, L.C. P.S. Stay tune for more surprises

Lollipop Couture's Official T-Shirt

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Sharing is Caring!! Ladies and Gentlemen please Share Lollipop Couture's Facebook page with your friends and family for a chance to be entered into a drawing!! One Lucky Winner will win the FIRST official Lollipop Couture's Women T-Shirt!!! So guys if you share this you can give this gift to your special lady ;) The winner will be announced on Friday 22, 2013 at noon. Good luck and start spreading the word!! Click the thumbnail to go to our facebook!   XoXo, L.C.

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013!!

2012 was a great year for Lollipop Couture; it has been a blessing from God that a lot was accomplished from the launching of the website, to writing on the blog, finalizing the official logo, and launching the social media for the fans!! Most importantly having the privilege to make custom designs, Thank YOU for putting your trust in me and rocking a Lollipop Couture design on your special event!! I am embracing 2013 with open arms and giving it all I have to become a successful Fashion Designer, my motto is to Believe, have Faith and never stop Dreaming for God has big plans for me. Hope you all had a fabulous New Years!! With that said I would love to share the latest on Lollipop Couture custom designs. As the night transition from 2012 to 2013, Lucy Aldana looked fabulous in a Lollipop Couture custom design!! Awaiting the New Year she sparkled in a golden sequin dolman sleeve mini dress. Thanks Lucy for allowing Lollipop Couture be part of your night!!