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IPSY/ February Unboxing+Review

What does sexy mean to YOU? With magazines and social media, we have been told what sexy is in an unrealistic way and with fake expectations. Don't always believe what you see because it is sometimes accomplished by photoshop, airbrush, an app, (yes there are apps out there that make you look voluptuous with an itty bitty waist.) and last but not least plastic surgery. So it's time to just embrace our natural beauty because we are perfectly imperfect. This months IPSY glam bag's theme is Unzipped, because being sexy isn't limited to a certain size, shape, or age. Sexiness is authenticity, real, and confidence. Let's unzip the way we think about being sexy. Let's define it in our own terms. No rules! No photoshop! No restrictions! Just be 100% sexy your way! The bag is a beautiful blush pink adorned with black lace trim. It is so romantic perfect for the month of love, don't you think? The five items in my IPSY glam bag; were a hand moisturizer, a lipst

Boxy Charm/February Unboxing+Review

It's BoxyMail Time, this month's theme is Galaxy Glow. It is definitely giving me all the Space Jams vibes. If you aren't familiar with BOXYCHARM it is a beauty subscription for $21 a month. Usually you get 5-6 full size products! Based on the theme I thought that the products were going to be vibrant, glowy, or have a neon effect. There were so many variations on their IG that I was not sure if I was going to like this month's box. The five items that were included in my box were a highlighter palette, shimmer veil, eye pencil, glitter, and trio brush set.  (Disclaimer: this review is NOT sponsored by BOXYCHARM, I bought this with my own money, all opinions are mine. I'm sharing because "Sharing is Caring.") NAKED COSMETICS Holographic Highlighter Palette retails $39.99 This palette comes with six stunning holographic shades. Each iridescent shade is perfect for highlighting and layering to transform any look into something whimsical. I'm s

GLOSSYBOX/ February Unboxing + Review

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday! I'm back with another GLOSSYBOX review this is February variation two! Don't know what GLOSSYBOX is? It is a beauty subscription box for $21 a month. (save more on a 6 month or annual subscription) Their special design box is so beautiful! Perfect for the month of February, you can keep it to store your Valentine's Day cards. This month's theme is Sealed with a Kiss! They are taking a moment to reimagine the lost art of love letters. I absolutely love the way GLOSSYBOX takes an extra step to pack their boxes making them extra special. They included lip print tissue paper, a decorated navy ribbon, shredded confetti, and sealed it with their signature logo sticker. They always include a catalogue of the products making easy for you to read more about them along with any special discount codes. GLOSSYBOX believes that handwritten letters or postcards are one of the most personal and intimate form of comm

GLOSSYBOX / February Sealed With a Kiss

We are officially in the month of Love, which means romance is in the air! Pucker up and say Muah, because this month GLOSSYBOX is celebrating by delivering beauty products they adore straight to your door. It is a monthly subscription of $21. (save more on a 6 month or annual subscription) Their special design box is so beautiful! Can we just take a moment to admire it. Definitely a keeper in my books to store love letters! Which is this month's theme Sealed with a Kiss! They are taking a moment to reimagine the lost art of love letters. Times have changed before you would actually use a beautiful stationery, write in your best handwriting, pour out your love in numerous pages, grab your red lipstick to sign it with your lip print and spritz some rose perfume. Then mail it out, wait weeks for it to arrive in the hands of your loved one. Now all we have to do is text a heart emoji in a fraction of a second, effortless and fast. (Oh how times have changed) I absolutely love