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Drafting & Cutting

So I have all these beautiful fabrics, what to do what to do with them? I would like to give you a glimpse on what I'm currently working on. I had drafted this little number a while back.      I'm thinking  this would look great in the black dot jacquard I recently purchased. This would be the ultimate little black dress. Business in the front party in the back. Can't wait to unvile the final product. For now I leave you with a picture.

Fabric Shopping

Hello darlings, if you follow me on any social media you probably know what I've been up to if not then I will tell you. So I've been indulging in some fabric shopping. I'm very excited about them because they are fun and unique. I bought a green tribal print it is very fun love the mix of colors because it gives you options. I also purchased some black dot jacquard; it is so elegant I can already envision a little black dress. Of course I am a huge fan of lace and I found both ivory and teal lace (it is really hard to find good colored quality lace so I’m happy with my findings.) Lastly I got a sheer ivory with black polka dots fabric. Now that I have my fabrics I’m ready to start my new designs. Stay tune for the final products. If you would like to get more behind the scenes & know what I’m up to follow me on social media.  

Welcome to the New Blog

Hi everyone, if you got redirected here from the old blog, yeye you made it here safely. Welcome to the new blog. If you are a new reader welcome to you too hope you read my previous posts and get to know me & my blog. Cheers to new beginnings and to what the future holds for Lollipop Couture. I can't wait to share what is coming but for now welcome and lets get this show on the road :-)