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2012 Thrive Gala and Awards Dinner

This past weeks I have been working on a special cocktail dress for my dear Aunt. This dress was for her special event for the AzCADV 2012 Thrive Gala & Awards Dinner. She requested a satin purple fabric to match the colors of their logo. The dress consists of several pleats running diagonally on the shoulders, bodice and waistline and skirt. I really loved the way the pleated waist accentuate her waist. The night was finally here, and she looked really beautiful!!

Diary of a Fashion Designer 2

Wow, it has been a roller coaster literally, I am super happy that I have been doing custom designs for friends & family. So let’s talk about custom design. What is a custom design? A custom design is unique, special design, one of a kind, and it is meant to fit you perfectly, and often times it is a design concept that you already have in mind. As a designer it is my duty to give you some advice and suggestions to make it flattering for you. It’s a process, takes several steps, from measurements, to sketches along with fabric swatches, drafting the pattern, creating muslin, trying out the muslin for fit and adjustments. Last but not least the final product has to be perfect & has to FIT!! This is my moment of truth!!!! I am nervous, I am scared lots of questions running through my mind but then all of a sudden it fits, yes it fits perfect!!! The feeling is amazing to know that both your vision and their vision came to life. That they are happy with what you made that they twir

The Vegas Dress!!!

So, a good friend of mine requested a dress for Vegas, it was rather interesting because it was very unique. The initial inspiration was Gwen Stefani’s sheer jumpsuit. Here is what I came up, I shorten the sleeves, and made it into a short mini skirt. I think it’s a pretty daring dress, with the sheer side panels, and the back also made out of the sheer fabric. I really liked the half peplum. I decided to integrate cups because it would be hard to find the right bra. Overall I'm happy with the outcome she was pretty excited to have her Gwen Stefani inspired dress. She definitely rocked the dress!!!