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Behind The Seams

Hello Fashionista’s!!! Last post I talked about what a custom design is and the process. As I mentioned before a custom design is a unique, one of a kind, special garment that is meant to fit you perfectly. I thought I would give you a glimpse of the process. It is very crucial that I am given a month to at least 2 ½ weeks in advanced. Reason for this is because it is a process; we meet three times; for a consultation, a sample fitting, and to unveil the final product! Also, one has to keep in mind the more details or complicated the design is, having enough time is a must! With all that said, I had the pleasure of designing a gown for Alma. On our 1st meeting we talk about what the event, and when is it, I generally ask questions about their design, and take down measurements. I try to gather as much information as I can about the person, that way the design will not only fit their event but their personality. Base on the information and the atmosphere of the event I create s

Halloween Edition 2012

When I think of Halloween, I think that this is your only time to really make a fashion statement. You can be whoever you want and be as crazy and creative as you want without having to worry about anyone judging you. With Halloween around the corner, I had the privilege to create custom costumes for my Uncle & Aunt. I thought this was pretty fun and interesting. Both costumes are cartoon characters from Cartoon network, Rigby from The Regular show & Finn from Adventure Time. Finn costume was chosen by my Uncle; it consist a hat & a functional back pack, (the back pack really inspired me to someday make accessories.) Rigby’s costume was for my Aunt I put my fashion spin on it and made it very girly but yet still keeping Rigby’s character in it. Well hope you enjoy this fun Halloween edition post.

2012 Thrive Gala and Awards Dinner

This past weeks I have been working on a special cocktail dress for my dear Aunt. This dress was for her special event for the AzCADV 2012 Thrive Gala & Awards Dinner. She requested a satin purple fabric to match the colors of their logo. The dress consists of several pleats running diagonally on the shoulders, bodice and waistline and skirt. I really loved the way the pleated waist accentuate her waist. The night was finally here, and she looked really beautiful!!

Diary of a Fashion Designer 2

Wow, it has been a roller coaster literally, I am super happy that I have been doing custom designs for friends & family. So let’s talk about custom design. What is a custom design? A custom design is unique, special design, one of a kind, and it is meant to fit you perfectly, and often times it is a design concept that you already have in mind. As a designer it is my duty to give you some advice and suggestions to make it flattering for you. It’s a process, takes several steps, from measurements, to sketches along with fabric swatches, drafting the pattern, creating muslin, trying out the muslin for fit and adjustments. Last but not least the final product has to be perfect & has to FIT!! This is my moment of truth!!!! I am nervous, I am scared lots of questions running through my mind but then all of a sudden it fits, yes it fits perfect!!! The feeling is amazing to know that both your vision and their vision came to life. That they are happy with what you made that they twir

The Vegas Dress!!!

So, a good friend of mine requested a dress for Vegas, it was rather interesting because it was very unique. The initial inspiration was Gwen Stefani’s sheer jumpsuit. Here is what I came up, I shorten the sleeves, and made it into a short mini skirt. I think it’s a pretty daring dress, with the sheer side panels, and the back also made out of the sheer fabric. I really liked the half peplum. I decided to integrate cups because it would be hard to find the right bra. Overall I'm happy with the outcome she was pretty excited to have her Gwen Stefani inspired dress. She definitely rocked the dress!!!  

Diary of A Fashion Designer 1

Dear Readers, You might be wondering what I have been doing the past weeks, why haven't I posted. Well I have been working on few things; I am sooo thrilled I finally have my logo for both women and men. I think when trying to find the perfect logo it takes a long time you want it to embody who you are as a designer. I wanted to be elegant, soft, and grown. I know the name Lollipop Couture makes you think Candy, but it's more than that to me, it’s actually my name Paulette. In the end I will just let the clothes speak for themselves. With that said, I have a lot of work ahead of me; I am excited to start my new collection. I will keep you posted and give you a sneak peek of what will come ahead.  

Taking Risks

As we get older, or as we enter different phases in life our fashion needs to evolve. One must step out of our comfort zone and try new things. Things we never imagine trying before. Fashion is about taking risk, finding a self identity, expressing yourself and feeling good about yourself feeling confident and beautiful. So go ahead try a new pattern, add a different color pallet to your closet, wear that hot pink lipstick. Take a risk and hey maybe this new thing is for your or maybe not, but we must take those chances.

Color Your World

     Have you ever found yourself wearing black or neutral colors most often? Well it's time to COLOR your world!!! Step outside your comfort zone; add a little color to your life. Be daring by wearing a color you never wore. You will never know how green or orange will look on you if you never try. Colors always seem to liven you up and bring your mood up!! So next time you go shopping try different colors

Basics 101

Ever had moments in which you felt like you had absolutely nothing to wear, like you needed to go shopping. Sometimes we need to be reminded about “The Basics.” What I am talking about is things that are a MUST in you closet. Basics can be dressed down or dressed up with a few accessories. Seven items to have in your closet are: Basic Tanks T-shirt White button down shirt Cardigan Dark blue jeans Black Slack The little Black Dress You can work these 7 basic essentials for every occasion, such as a casual outing, a date, or an interview. So remember these 7 basics are the fundamentals to your wardrobe. Fashion trends will always come and go but the Basics are here to stay!

About Me

Hello everyone, So the other day, I realized that I haven’t properly introduced myself here at the blog. My name is Paulette. Always being interested in art, I would entertain myself by illustrating, drawing, and writing my own comics. I loved the idea of creating things out of nothing, at times being resourceful was my only option, possibilities can be endless when you have a Big imagination! And lets not forget the old saying, ‘Necessity is the mother of inventions.” But sewing, now that, that was in my heart, you can say that sewing was in my blood, both my mother and grandmother were seamstress for many years. I remember sitting beside them wanting to learn their techniques and bugging them to let me have a go at it. I still remember how as a young child I would design my Barbie clothes from scraps of old clothing, and old socks. When I became a teen I wanted to be unique and trendy, therefore I began to modify my t-shirts and I would refashion my clothing. After graduating