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Lila Naturals Skincare Review/Face Butter & Peppermint Lip Butter

I can not stress enough how important it is for you to start to take care of your skin, especially when it comes to your face. If you are in the hunt for a natural skincare regimen, then keep on reading! I've been using a new natural skincare line Lila Naturals.
(Image source: Lila Naturals) 
Before I dive into what I've been using I'd love for you to know a little history about the brand. This company was founded by Lauren who is a licensed cosmetologist. She really had a passion for skincare, and pursing ingredient researched;in order to find out what might heal any ailments her clients had with their skin. Lauren had a dream to pursue her own skincare line, however it wasn't until she was pregnant with her daughter that she herself made some drastic changes to what she applied on herself. Lauren finally launched her own skincare line Lila Naturals, she only uses the best ingredients and believes in quality. Her mission is for YOU to fall in love with your skin again using her products, and for you to learn about the capabilities of nature.
(Image source: Lila Naturals) 
Lila Naturals currently carries Face Butter moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Cleansing Grains, Banana Smoothie Mask, loofahs, mixing bowls and wooden spoons, as well as peppermint and citrus lip butter. Everything in her shop ranges from $5-$20, however I have a special discount code for 15% off using my special code LOLLIPOPCOUTURE  at check out.
I picked up the Face Butter, because my skin tends to get a little dry. This face butter is ideally for normal to dry skin. It comes in a 2 oz jar, loaded with beneficial ingredients, and it's only $20. Some of the ingredients in the formula are
Jojoba Oil, Infused Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, Candelilla Wax, Black Elderberry Fruit Extract, Coconut Fruit Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Vitamin E. Wow, so many rich ingredients that your face will love you for! This is a multi use as it can be applied as a leave in mask, regular moisturizer and best of all it can also function as a face pimer for your makeup routine.
The way I use it, is at night after cleaning my face and applying toner, I dab a little onto my spatula, and rub it with my hands gently massaging my face. With a pea size your face will have plenty of product. I let it absorbed as I catch some Zzz's. After using it for a week I've noticed my skin much smoother, less dry, and not flaky.
The formula is a bit thick so a little goes a long way, because of all the oils in the formula, it is truly buttery. I do like the fact that even though it's loaded with oils it doesn't feel too overwhelming on my skin, I've tried oils in the past and I have not enjoyed that feeling at all, but this is not like that.
I definitely do not recommend it if you have oily skin or are breaking out because of the fact that it is buttery. I feel like I will get the most use during the winter, when my skin is the dryest. I'm glad to have this face butter handy. I've tried it as a primer and to my surprise it definitely works to create a smooth surface for your foundation.
As an added bonus to my purchase Lila Naturals included their peppermint butter. The tube is a .3 oz, It comes in a beautiful recyled package and it's $12. If you are a fan of peppermint then you're going to love this. I love both tingly sensation and the scent of peppermint, it reminds me of those chocolates you get at Olive Garden.
I'm very particular about lip balms, it's hard to find a great one. One that does a great job at keeping my lips smooths and hydrated, this one is amazing at doing just that. This peppermint butter has become my secret weapon when my lips are cracked or dry. I usually apply it at night or on days I don't wear lipstick. Another perk I loved is that my hubby has complemented on how soft and pillowy my lips felt!
Wether you are looking for a natural skincare line or want to start taking better care of your skin, I highly recommend Lila Naturals. She really creates quality products that are beneficial to your skin. She offers a ray of products that you'll truly love and your skin will too. Make sure to visit her shop here and use LOLLIPOPCOUTURE at check out for 15% off your total purchase. I'll be doing a short video on how I apply these products so stay tune for that next week. Let me know below what products you'd be interested from Lila Naturals? I'm really eyeing the banana face mask and natural grains.

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  1. These products are great! We want to try them all.

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  3. These products sound amazing. I love that these are natural, and they sound like they are great for your skin.

  4. I too take care of my skin properly. I have never heard of this brand though. I would love to try this out. I love products that are natural. Thanks for sharing..!!!

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  10. These products look amazing and they're natural. Always looking for an addition to my skincare routine

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