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Fiesta Baby Shower

This past weekend we celebrated our baby señorita!! With only four weeks until baby Valerie makes her appearance!! The theme was Mexican Fiesta, I've always wanted to host a Mexican Fiesta party and this was the perfect occasion.
My sister and I started to brainstorm ideas, and I got pretty excited about it. We started to gather inspiration from Pinterest. Narrowed down which DIY's we would be doing. Let's just say I've been one busy lady these past months working on major DIY's. I'm only going to share some photos of my baby shower but I won't go into details on how it was done. I figure there's already tons of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube. (The INTERNET is your best friend when it comes to HOW TO)
We bought the cutest invitation from Printer Fairy it really fit the theme!
One of the major component was the GIANT flowers, I knew I wanted a lot of them. I used my Silhouette to help cut the flower templates. I recruited my hubby to help me because they were a lot for me to handle. Even though they took a long time I'm so happy we got them done! Let's just say I almost gave up because I had nightmares about them lol. They were going to be used for two back drops, one for the photo booth and the other for the Ultimate Mexican Snack Bar! Other decoration included papel picado and some chile lanterns.

Now that we are in that subject, the Ultimate Mexican Snack Bar! It is exactly what the title implies. I always wanted to have all the delicious Mexican snacks in one table. I had envisioned it for months lol, it consisted of fresh cut fruit with Tajin and Chamoy. Steamed corn on the cob with mayo, cheese, and chili powder. Fresh apples covered in a chili powder pulp. Lets not forget hot mini churros, and duros with Valentina! And that my Amigos is the Ultimate Mexican Snack Bar!! The menu consisted of tacos, rice, and beans. With agua frescas tamarindo and horchata. Can't forget the salsa and chips!
The cake was a two tier, decorated with tiny floral embroidery to go with the theme. It looked so beautiful and tasted delicious. The flavors were chocolate with oreo filling and vanilla with fresh strawberries and banana filling. We combined it with tiny cups of Mexican Jell-O. The gold glitter cake topper was done by me with my cutting machine, I loved the way it came out.
For the tables we bought fabric from Hobby Lobby that resembled a Sarape. As for the center pieces my sister got the cute plant pots from the 99 cent store. My sister and hubby helped with the tiny pinatas and tissue flowers. The colorful vases I bought from the Dollar tree. I loved how all of the elements came together.

I'm a huge fan of photo booths, I usually have them when we host parties. The props consisted of printable and tiny Mexican hats. The printables are from Cutie Party and Rainbow Monkey Art. The black hat was bought from Hobby Lobby. The pink and beige were some I had that I glued onto head bands.
Some of the games that were played at the baby shower were Loteria baby shower edition (From Fiesta Mexicana), guess how many beans in the baby bottle, measure the belly, baby sarape pin (can't cross legs, arms, or say baby) my water broke, and draw a baby on a plate but on top of your head without lifting the pen up. We also did an activity; late night diapers, your guest write something cute or funny on the diaper. The idea is for you to read them when baby needs a late night diaper change and it gets you through the night. We also had a diaper raffle to make things fun.
Now for the baby shower favors we bought the cutest Mexican market bags. They came in assortment of fun colors. We stuffed them with lots of yummy Mexican candies and a tiny Jumex juice.
We actually dressed up according to the theme. I wore a pink Mexican embroidery dress and my daughter wore an authentic Mexican top with embroidery too. My hubby wore his LB HomeGrown sarape tank. I made my daughter and I floral head bands, I wanted it to resemble Frida's floral head pieces.
I have to admit I almost didn't want to host a baby shower, but I'm glad we ended up doing it. At the end of the day this baby shower was for my baby señorita!! I want to thank my family for helping us with DIY's and with the baby shower. I want to thank my family and friends for showering baby Valerie with lots of love and gifts!!! I hope this post inspires you to try this theme whether it is for a baby shower or a birthday party. What was your baby shower theme?


  1. Great baby shower, I loved the pictures and outfits. Avv baby senorita

    1. Thank you very much. I really had fun with this theme!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I really wanted something festive and this was a fun theme.


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