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Hey everyone, hope you are all doing wonderful. I've been over the moon with being a new mommy. Oh the joy of motherhood, it's such a great feeling. I love her so much that my heart wants to pop out of my chest. She is my world my everything. I'll post pictures soon.

On another note, I have been creating a new template for my website ( It will be up in a few months along with other surprises as it gets closer I will share more details. Due to the fact that I'm changing from flash to html this current blog will no longer be compatible with the new website, therefore I decided to move to blogger and I've added all previous posts all the way from 2012 so you won't miss anything. So guys book mark the new blog because this one will be gone in a few months I will let you know the official date soon. In the meantime let me redirect you to the new blog, new posts will be added there and not here.


Tunic Top DIY + Pattern Review 2147

I’m over joy about being a mommy; however one of the biggest challenges has been finding nice, fashion forward maternity clothes or maternity clothes in general. I’ve been a bit hesitant about making my own clothes simply because I didn’t want to invest the time nor the money sewing something that I would only wear for just a while. However I so happened to have a free day, a pattern that worked great as a maternity top and I had the perfect knit print fabric in my stash just screaming to be cut and sewn.

The pattern I used was Simplicity 2147 it was perfect as a maternity top or dress because the design was loose giving enough room to my ever growing belly. Originally I wanted to make it into a dress, but I ended up not having enough fabric so I had to compromise with a tunic. I went with view B for short sleeves, and view C for the length. I really loved the simplicity of the top with it pleats on the front and back. Using a print fabric took this basic tunic to another level. It only took me 2hrs to cut and sew which was awesome. I’m planning on wearing this tunic with leggings or skinny jeans, and adding a skinny belt to give it a more fashion forward touch. Not only that once the baby is here I can trim down the excess fabric and make it small so it’s a win, win. Do you know of any other patterns that could work great for maternity, if so please share?



Pattern: Simplicity 2147

Fabric: Print Cotton Knit

Pattern Size: I cut a size 18 with no alterations

View: B for the sleeves and C for the length

Would I recommend it: Yes I would it’s so simple to sew it took me 2hrs to cut & sew.


My Wedding

As you know this past June I got married to the love of my life!! Our wedding day was magical, and beautiful I was the happiest bride ever. Although, it took a lot of planning and a lot of DIY projects at the end it was well worth it. I enjoyed every minute of it and I would not change a thing! Some of the DIY projects included; ring bearer pillow, flower baskets, invitations, sash, groom’s handkerchief, cupcake stand and my veil. My sister took on the most complicated DIY project my bouquet, this was no ordinary bouquet. She made the most beautiful broach bouquet, thank you sis!! I will forever treasure it.

Our wedding pallet consisted of blush, dark gray, and sliver.

The ring bearer pillow was a piece of cake; I drafted a simple square pattern. I bought this iridescent pink/dark grey fabric, which had diamonds pleats integrated. I added ribbon and a small broach to make it pretty and so it could be cohesive with the flower girls baskets, and broach bouquet.

For the flower girls basket, I bought the baskets from the discount store and I used the same fabric as the ring bearer's pillow. I glued gun the fabric onto the baskets and added a ribbon for the handles. The flowers were artificial plain white so they were tub dyed to a light pink.


Our invitations were from Michaels; we had been on the hunt for gray/silver invitations and stumbled upon this kit. Very simple to assemble and easy to print at home, the end result was beautiful and fancy.

I knew I had wanted some sort of sparkle or bling sash as opposed to a ribbon so I found this beautiful trim online at  all I did was cut it to the size of my waist and hand sewed a hook an eye to buckle it.


For my husband’s handkerchief I had some leftover blush fabric, I ended up cutting a basic square and sewing a narrow hem. I followed a basic folding technique that would pop out on his suite pocket.


I really wanted to have a candy/sweets bar, you know the ones that are trending right now. Usually you see all these fancy glass wear, cup cake stands or cake stands. I wanted a nice blush cake stand for my cupcakes; I bought a fancy white plate and toasting glass from the discount store. I also, bought gorilla glue and a blush spray can. For this project I had my husband spray can the plate and glue on the toasting glass as a stand. I really loved the way it came out; it goes to show you that you can have a fancy cake stand for less.

Finding the perfect veil was very challenging, especially because my wedding dress was a blush color. After the endless search I decided it was time to take it upon myself to make my perfect wedding veil. I bought a shimmer blush tone tulle, a silver comb, and tear drops rhinestones from Joann. The veil was a medium length with scalloped edges, I ended up applying a few rhinestones at the bottom and hand sewn rhinestones on the comb. I wanted my veil to consist of two tiers, for that dramatic flip when the groom unveils his bride for the first time and shares their first kiss as husband and wife!!


I will forever be thankful for my dearest eldest sister, for coming to the rescue with my broach bouquet. I had seen many beautiful broach bouquets and I wanted one so badly, I figure it would be unique, sparkly and best of all it would last forever. I bought these pearl, rhinestone broaches from ebay, let’s just say they are hard to come by especially since a lot of brides are on the hunt for them. I got lucky and finally won the bid which ended up being a bargain. Other supplies used for this project included floral wire, foam, bouquet cone, ribbon, glue gun, and different tones of fabric to make the fabric rose buds. I honestly had no idea how to go about this, so my sister decided she would take care of it. Let’s just say she has patience, and is very creative. When she gave me my broach bouquet I was in total awed and so thankful. Thank you sister your the best, love you!!!



My wedding was everything I pictured it would be and more! Best of all I got married to the man I love; together we will share new beginnings and build a family. I Love you hun!!!



It's a..

Hey everyone sorry for my absence, I’ve been neglecting the blog. My mind has been all over the place this year. I haven’t really done much fashion designing this past year. Why? Don’t worry is not what you think….(your thinking I’ve lost interest) well no I love fashion it’s my passion and I have big dreams.

So what has happened then? Well let’s just say I do have a personal life aside from fashion. This past June I got married to the love of my life!! There was a lot of wedding planning involved and I decided to do a few things myself. Some which included; ring bearer pillow, flower baskets, invitations, sash, and my veil. My sister made the most beautiful broach bouquet, I will forever treasure it. I’ll share some pictures with you. The wedding was perfect just like I had envisioned it, so romantic so beautiful.


A month later…we found out we were pregnant!!! We were filled with joy to know that soon we would have our first baby. All I could think about was my baby and I just wanted to enjoy the moment. Not to mentioned I don’t have as much energy as I used to, now I find myself napping or going to bed earlier. I’m seven months now and my belly is starting to show, I’ve been on the look out for maternity clothes only to find myself running out of luck. So I decided to start sewing for myself things that are comfy yet fashionable. That means knits and since its winter it will consist of warm clothes. I will keep you all posted on that.


In regards to my Holiday Collection, it will be postponed until further notice. I think this will be a good time to sit back and revamp Lollipop Couture. I have tons of ideas for Lollipop Couture’s future. For the time being I might post maternity wear and baby clothes, so stay tune.

Which by the way we recently found out were having a…


Halloween 2013 Part II

Hello everyone, happy Halloween!! Hope you all had a wonderful time trick-or-treating or giving out candy. It’s always fun to see the children get into character in there costumes they look so adorable. Talking about children as I mentioned in the previous post I had the privilege of designing two Halloween costumes one for a little girl and the other for a toddler. This is my first time designing for a small person; it was so much fun and the patterns where super tiny. They both wanted to be Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas.

For the Toddler we decided to keep it original and close to Jack’s character. He would have a basic white button shirt, with a pinstripe suite and his bat bow tie. The back of the suite would have the tails flaring out just like Jack.



I really wanted to make sure I found the right pinstripe because I was trying to stay away from looking like your ordinary suite. This pinstripe fabric was perfect because it captured those imperfect stripes and made it look more like Jack’s suite.

Here is the completed costume; it is super adorable I am happy with the end result; I managed to capture Jack’s character. When he tried it on he looked like a sharp dressed lil man. His mother was super excited and happy with the costume.

As the lyrics says:

“Clean shirt, new shoes
and I don't know where I am goin' to.
Silk suit, black tie,

Don’t need a reason why.
They come runnin' just as fast as they can
coz every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.”


Here is the tiny costume for the toddler, love the tail and bat bow tie; these are the elements that make up Jack.


For the little girl’s costume we decided we would be inspired by Jack’s character and make it super girlie. However, it will still have some important elements, such as the pin stripe jacket with the tails and the bat bow tie. The costume would consist of a dress, jacket, gloves, bat bow tie and leggings. Now the leggings where going to have skeleton bone design, the design would be hand painted. Here is a picture that the mother provided as inspiration.

The fabrics consisted of bold stripes, spider webs, and glitter satin. I pretty much wanted to keep it as close as the graphic picture.

Here is the completed costume; it was super girlie and very unique. I love the fact that I was able to mix and match fabrics while making them go together it looked very interesting. The leggings became a special piece because they where hand painted and that was something to really appreciate. Who can say that they own a pair of custom design leggings with hand painted print? (Am I right?) When she tried it on she was ecstatic, she loved everything about it. Her mother was amazed at how close I kept it to the initial inspiration.



Overall I was super happy with the costumes and very thankful that the mother contacted me to make such ambitious and fun costumes. They will definitely turn heads when they go trick-or-treating. As promised here are pictures of the kids wearing their costumes they look awesome!!! 

Happy Halloween everyone, and this concludes 2013 Halloween edition hope you enjoyed the costumes. Which costumes did you like out of the three?


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